Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

Vicki provides a client centered massage. This means that the client is responsible for determining the depth of pressure and can choose a full body massage or to receive work in specific areas. In other words, you can custom order your massage.

30 minutes             $38.00
60 minutes             $68.00
90 minutes             $88.00

LaStone Massage
The LaStone method incorporates an array of smooth, heated basalt stones and
invigorating cool marble stones to enhance the benefits and experience of massage.
The deep penetrating heat of the stones combined with massage creates a profound
​level of relaxation which is a powerful treatment for sore aching muscles.

60 minutes             $88.00
90 minutes             $108.00

Myokinesthetic System (MYK)

The MYK system corrects and balances the nervous system using muscle movement and stimulation. Complaints such as vertigo,headaches, shoulder problems, carpel tunnel, scatica,  plantar fascitis, pain, numbness and tingling are all conditions that MYK can address. Your first session will include a body analysis, a treatment to address your specific complaint (3 to 15 minutes) and a massage to lock in the treatment. Subsequent treatments will not include the massage unless prearranged. MYK is done while the patient is fully clothed and uses no lotions or oils.  Please contact us for more details.

First session 60 minutes includes postural analysis,
treatment and some massage work                                        $68.00

First session 30 minutes includes postural analysis
and treatment only     

Follow up treatments only, no massage 3-10 minutes            $30.00      

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop therapy uses approximately a dozen different Young Living essential oils incorporated into a massage to assist in bringing  the body into structural and electrical alignment.

60 minutes             $78.00
90 minutes             $98.00

Heaven On Earth

Combine the amazing relaxation of LaStone Therapy with the powerful effect of Raindrop Therapy in this blissful 90 minute massage.

90 minutes        $115.00


​Neuromuscular massage employs various techniques used to help treat very specific conditions such as carpal tunnel, plantar faciitis, whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome and many more.

60 minutes        $78.00 

​90 minutes        $98.00

Myofascial Release

​Most often this technique is used in conjuction with neuromuscular massage and helps to break up adhesions and help open the tissues in order that you have more freedom of movement, increased range of motion and less pain.

60 minutes        $78.00 

90 minutes        $98.00

Sports Massage

​Sports massage helps to lengthen muscles and encourages healing to help you perform your best! Pre or post event sports massage is great for recreational, amateur or pro athletes.

30 minutes        $38.00 

60 minutes        $68.00 

90 minutes        $88.00 

Integrative Massage
This type of massage combines all techniques from many different styles and is the most popular and effective massage for most clients. Therapeutic massage can help work out adhesions, increase circulation, improve posture, decrease pain, and increase range of motion.​

30 minutes        $38.00 
60 minutes        $68.00 
90 minutes        $88.00 

Seated Massage

Seated Massage is available at events and in corporations. Fifteen minute chair massages can decrease stress, increase productivity and raise morale.

Injury Massage 

Prescribed, billed to third party, requires specialized training and documentation.

60 minutes        $160.00


Alive for Life Therapeutic Massage

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Effective May 13, 2017

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